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Funding provided by the James Hervey Johnson Charitable Educational Trust and the Center for Inquiry
“The American Freethought film series is vital to democracy and contemporary issues. Understanding the American Freethought movement is needed now more than ever.”
—Peter Phillips PH.D. President Media Freedom Foundation/Project Censored
“American Freethought opened my eyes to a whole history I didn’t know. It’s like an encyclopedia for free thinkers. It should be required viewing for every American citizen.” —Randi Steele, Woodstock 104-FM Radio
“This is great work, scholarly, fascinating, compelling, and yet with a calm respectful tone. I hope you find a way to push it out to a broad audience.”
–Frederic C. Rich, author, "Christian Nation: A Novel"
“Rod Bradford's film on the development of the American Freethought movement, and Thomas Paine's seminal role, is a comprehensive, accurate, and illuminating work, masterfully told. It tells a story long overlooked, especially in academia, and the public is served well in bringing America's complete history to life.”
–Gary Berton, Thomas Paine National Historical Association